Monday, May 20, 2013

Hey there, Time... Why are you flying by so fast?

So 2013 is pretty much half over and I haven't written anything since January. Whoops. 2013 has shaped up to be pretty cool so far. It's been highlighted by:
A visit from Mudder, The Man, and Justin.

Some pretty awesome hikes.

A visit from my good friend (and old roomie), and some more hiking!

Seven years of amazing.

My brother became a daddy. I have a new nephew to love!

And my husband's baptism!

And the second half is shaping to be just as awesome. Some very wonderfully amazing people love me so much that they were able to pull together to do this for me.
I will be forever humbled by their generosity. I can't even believe how lucky I am to have them. I just can't wait for June when I get to meet these babes:
aka my too-cute-for-words nephews and get to hang with my family and friends that i've been missing so so much! Ah! I can't wait!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful and blessed

After seven months of strictly regimented training and eight years in the making, my husband graduated last Friday and is now officially a firefighter for the City and County of Honolulu!
It's tradition that a loved one be the one to pin their badge on them. With tear-filled eyes, I got to pin my husband's badge. It's a moment I will never forget and cherish always.
We are so thankful that we got to share this moment with our friends from FL, Jose and Tracy. Jose also happens to be Chuck's old lieutenant from his FD back home. 
Our Hawaii ohana got to share with us as well. They've been and continue to be a wonderful support system and amazing stewards of aloha.
Congratulations to the 98th Recruit Class! I know all of us out there are grateful for each and every one of you!
And from the Weas, Happy and blessed Thanksgiving to all of you! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Small Things

I lived out one of my favorite quotes this weekend to celebrate my 33rd birthday. As I posted before, I decided to take part in the Birthday Project movement. I highly recommend it! This was definitely one of my most memorable birthdays to date!

My goal of 33 random acts of kindness was pretty lofty--especially since I live on an island where traffic is a mess! I decided to break it up into two days, starting with the day before my birthday. So here goes my list.

1. I made my own "Take What You Need" posters

I placed them in random bathroom walls, like at Barnes & Noble and Walmart.
(I went back a couple of hours after I placed this one at B&N, pleasantly surprised.)

2. Sent off care packages to loved ones on the mainland.

3. Baked cupcakes for my coworkers, even though I was off for two days.

4. Gave cupcakes to neighbors (This one wasn't on my list, but I'm so happy it happened this way!) 
I had extra cupcakes and I knew that neither my husband or I would want them in the house, so I decided I would give them away to the ladies in the resident services office in our neighborhood; I was going there to pay rent anyway. When I got to office, I found that it was closed for the next 2 hours (a half hour earlier than what the sign said on the door, btw). These lovely neighbors were there in the parking lot to pay rent as well and I asked them if they wanted cupcakes. They accepted and I gave them one of my cards and told them what I was doing this for. The daughter actually took pics of the cupcakes when they got home and Instagrammed it with the hashtags that I had on my card!

5. Paid for the car behind me at the drive-thru
On my way to drop off the cupcakes at my job, I decided to take a pit stop at the drive-thru to get a drink. I finished my order and a car came in behind me as I was waiting to pay. I got up to the window and told the cashier that I wanted to pay for the car behind me. He was a bit confused but was a trooper when I asked if he would pose for this pic.

6. Taped quarters to vending machines
This one was right outside my job. I came in to work a couple of days later and found that the card was still taped, but the quarters were gone. I really hope I made some little kid's day.

7. Left encouraging notes in random books at B&N.

(Intermission... as I was running around Ala Moana Center, I saw Mufi Hanneman, former mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. Super nice guy!)

8. Left nice messages in dressing rooms.
This one was at Old Navy.

9. Bought a gift card while I was paying for my drink. I gave it to my new buddy here, Gavin, and I told him to give it to someone that needs it.

10. Bought some well-deserved beers for my hubs and his fellow recruits. I didn't get to take a pic, though.

(Start of day 2--my actual birthday)
11. Left a thank you treat for the mail carrier.

12. Left a generous tip for our server at breakfast
I hope she had a better day after seeing that bill. I think she was having a late start to her morning.

13. Helped with HFD's "Fill the Boot" for MDA
My husband is a recruit for the Honolulu Fire Department. It was fate that the "Fill the Boot" drive was this weekend, I just know it! It was great to just say hello and thank people for their donations, or just simply wish them a great day. And what better place to be than Waikiki Beach?!

14. Gave change to a family that needed to feed their meter. (Another one that wasn't on my original list!)
We were walking back to the fire station, and a family had just parked. The mother asked if any of us had change and I remembered I still had some quarters that I hadn't had a chance to tape onto vending machines yet. The dad was going to give me a $5 bill in exchange for the $2 dollars I had in quarters. I told him no need, so instead he placed it in the boot I was still carrying. ♥ (I didn't even think to take a picture until later. Sad face.)

15. Donated blood.
Again, this was fate. I gave blood earlier this year and I got a call the day before from the blood bank, letting me know that I was eligible to give blood again. I told them to sign me up!

16. Left more messages for people to find. Everyone needs affirmation!

17. Bought another gift card.
This time at Old Navy. Made another new friend, Miriam, and I told her to give it away for me. It's back to school time again, so I hope it helps someone out.

18. Donated to a friend's father's cancer treatment fund.
Every little bit helps.

(I didn't get a chance to picture document these next two)
19. Gave candy to a little kid (with the parent's permission, of course)
20. Donating old clothes to Goodwill

21. Paid for someone behind me in line at Walmart.
As you can see, I'm 12 shy of 33, but this one was worth the 33 and much more. It was my favorite experience of my weekend. This is Alicia and her absolutely sweet daughter, Ilima. This one wasn't on my original list either, but it is the one that I will always remember.
This one actually happened after breakfast and before "Fill the Boot." On our way to Waikiki, I got a headache and asked my husband if we could stop and get some headache medicine. We decided to stop at the Walmart in Pearl City. Hubby ran to the bathroom real quick and I went and got a travel sized pack of Advil. 

It was still early on, so there were no lines at the checkout. Alicia and Ilima came up behind me as I handed the medicine to the cashier. I looked behind me to see Ilima placing their items from the cart to the belt, just as I was about to swipe my debit card. They didn't have that many items, so I looked at the cashier and quietly told her to just keep ringing their stuff up with mine. I finished paying and Alicia still hadn't realized what I did. I walked up to her, gave her one of my cards, and l wished her a wonderful day. I don't think she still knew what I did as I walked away.

I waited for my husband outside, and Alicia came outside to find me. She was almost teary-eyed as she saw me. She thanked me and told me that she would never forget what I had done. She introduced herself and her daughter. I could tell that Ilima was a special needs child, and as Alicia and I were chatting, she told me that Ilima was actually their foster daughter and that she was with them to stay. I immediately lit up and told her that if my husband and I weren't able to have kids of our own, that we would like to adopt. Alicia and I traded information and she told me to call her if I ever had any questions about fostering or adoption. I seriously still get misty-eyed when I recount this story. I think I always will.

The Birthday Project has been SUCH a profound experience for me. I am forever changed and I know that I'll be doing this every year from now on.