Sunday, February 27, 2011

Showered with love

We had the baby shower for my dear friend yesterday. Super huge success. High fives go out to bestie, Katie, and I for buckling down and cranking things out. We got everything ready [minus a couple a details that only she and I planned, but nobody would've noticed.] We were both so exhausted, but it was definitely all worth it to see how happy our friends were and to see everyone shower them with so much love.
This was our dessert table filled with different travel themed decor, including the globe and some paper airplanes.
We also made propeller pops in the clouds. [Easy, but time consuming. And some of the propellers didn't make it in the transport. They became poopy-pellers... Just keepin' it real.]
Per the momma-to-be's request, we served cream puffs on dessert plates crafted by Katie.
To keep in the travel theme, we made luggage tag favors! Katie found these wooden tags and created the custom saying for a rubber stamp. I lightly stained the tags. I stamped them with pigment ink and dusted them with embossing powder and heat set it all.

We also had a running paper airplane theme. We couldn't find a paper airplane cookie cutter, so... my awesome hubby MADE ONE for us!!! He's so clever, that husband of mine. We baked cookie favors, too.
Perfectly framed Miles. So cute! Props in pictures = LOVE.
It was an honor to throw this lovely couple a shower. Everyone had a great time. I cannot wait to meet Baby Miles!!
Check out my flickr album for more pics. Hope you guys had a great weekend, too!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy, busy!

This week is going to be very busy! Don't get me wrong, I'm totally grateful and praising the Lord for this surge of freelance work. But to add to that, my bestie, Katie and I are gonna be eyeballs deep in crafting for our other bestie's baby shower on Saturday! (did you get all that?)
[Here we are with mama Minh-Thi and Katie's cutie pie daughter, Amelie. NYE 2010]
[Here is the couple of honor with baby Miles.]

Katie and I couldn't wait to plan a shower together. We used to work at the same advertising firm, so it was like old times--albeit in different cities. Me in Orlando and she in Savannah. We started when she visited over the holidays and came up with a vintage travel theme, playing off the baby's name, Miles.

We collaborated with the invitation and came up with this:
To add to the travel theme (not to mention save on postage!), I printed these out as post cards! Then I distressed them to give it that vintage feel.
I even found this vintage "Post Card" clip art, from Martha Stewart, I believe. Just gives it that old-timey feel. I even surprised the clerk at the post office. He thought they were totally old!
I'm totally stoked to see Katie in a couple of days. In between freelance jobs, I get to craft with her again. It's gonna be awesome!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

LOVE-ly weekend

Cute, huh? The hubs and I went on a date night on Friday to Chef Mickey's. So much fun! And the buffet was fab--I could've eaten a whole plate of parmesan mashed potatoes! Seriously. They were that good.

Love weekend was capped off with a wedding. The hubs' stepbrother got hitched the day before Valentine's day at Paradise Cove. The chilly weather couldn't take away from the fabulous event. Here are some of my fave shots:
Team Weagraff! We clean up nice, don't we?

The groom's nephew and cutest ring bearer.

The groom, trying to hold it together. It was so cute!

Wedding crashers! HA!

Us with the newlyweds.

Yes, we were that table! You can check out more shots on flickr.

How did you spend your Valentine's weekend? I'd love to hear from you! (no pun intended!)

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teeny tiny... maybe?

I'm such a dork. I went to my friend's baby shower yesterday and I totally forgot to take more pictures of the three onesies I made for her. All I have is this phone photo I took of my favorite one before I wrapped them (see the previous post below).
He's gonna be a little ladykiller just like his two big brothers! I just hope he fits in them! My friend's doctor is saying that he's gonna be bigger than his big brother when he comes out... His big bro was almost 9lbs! WHOA. So yeah... Teeny tiny...maybe? We shall see...

Here's a pic of me and the mama-to-be-again.
Her sister threw her a Dr. Seuss themed shower and everything was so cute!
Can't wait to meet you (maybe not so) Little Baby Moore!!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Lovely package.

Headed to my friend's shower today. Thought I'd give her gift a little TLC. It's amazing what a little baker's twine, washi tape and a grocery bag can do! Inspired by this image:

[From this post on Decor8]

So next time you're at the grocery store and the bagger asks you for paper or plastic, always go with paper! You're going green AND you'll have tons of grocery bags for paper crafting later!

Happy Saturday!