Sunday, February 6, 2011

Teeny tiny... maybe?

I'm such a dork. I went to my friend's baby shower yesterday and I totally forgot to take more pictures of the three onesies I made for her. All I have is this phone photo I took of my favorite one before I wrapped them (see the previous post below).
He's gonna be a little ladykiller just like his two big brothers! I just hope he fits in them! My friend's doctor is saying that he's gonna be bigger than his big brother when he comes out... His big bro was almost 9lbs! WHOA. So yeah... Teeny tiny...maybe? We shall see...

Here's a pic of me and the mama-to-be-again.
Her sister threw her a Dr. Seuss themed shower and everything was so cute!
Can't wait to meet you (maybe not so) Little Baby Moore!!

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