Friday, March 19, 2010


Happy first birthday to our two Weas in a pod blog! =)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Four years.

Four years ago today, a girl said yes to a friendly lunch with a boy. 

The girl was going to actually meet the boy for the first time in person after a couple of months of exchanging messages on Myspace (what's Myspace?). The sort of nervous girl decided to ask her bestie and co-worker to go to this lunch with her (upon an "ok" with the boy that she come tag along).

Bestie and the girl got to the restaurant first and waited for the boy to arrive. When he did, the girl couldn't help but think how much cuter he was in person. Lunch was great, but the girl really didn't do that much talking on account that she was now really nervous about this cute boy (and not to mention that it was hard to talk with a mouthful of food!). The bestie was her buffer, asking the boy lots of questions about her beau (since the boy and the beau used to work together many many moons ago).

Lunch was over and the girl and bestie had to go back to work. Seeing as though it was St. Patrick's Day, the girl and the boy made plans to hang out that night.

And every day ever since...

I hear they even got married... Who knew?!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quiet Nights: 3 & 4

Man, I'm slacking on my art journaling! The class is already at day 9 of 15 and I've only done 4...But that's what makes Quiet Nights so great. I go at my own pace and I'm so inspired by the others in this class and their entries. Everyone is so creative...SO much stuff to be inspired with.

Day 3: Be Still My Heart
I didn't really know what to journal about this. Then I thought about when we first got our dog when he was a puppy. How he just took my heart and ran and never gave it back. Such a pansy, but we love him.
Mushu Wea
Be Still My Heart
How could you NOT love that face?

Day 4: Wishes
This image I found was perfect... I love how she's holding the world in her hands. And I left room to add to this list.
My Wish List
- To be living in HI
- More time with my father
- Quality time with my loves
- To be a mom
- Warmer days
- More craft time
- A real honeymoon

Today was the perfect day to journal. It's so crappy outside. But I had work to do. Oh well. There's plenty of time and plenty for me to catch up with!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

In and around the Wea house

We found our lovely house on Craigslist. This is our first place together, on our own, since we got married in July. We're renting, so we can't really fully make it our own, but here are peeks of what we've done to make this house more like home.

My felt ruffle wreath
I made this during the holidays, right after we first moved in in December. Got the idea from Domestistuff. I figured that I'd use ivory colored felt so I could use it year-round. I'm all about multi-purposing! =)
Remember this picture from this post?
Well here's a detail of the vellum flowers. I love how light they are and the rustling sound they make when I move the vase.
Got this idea from The Storque on Etsy. Namely, this tutorial. Detecting a pattern yet?

Over past our kitchen, we have french doors. We now have curtains over them and this baby. My coffee filter garland! Isn't it pretty? Seriously, coffee filters... who knew?

Right next to the french doors is our little brag shelf. It's a small collection of our loved ones, but we hope to grow it in time. Please excuse our ugly router and modem.
We love this shelving from IKEA, which was our bff when we first moved in. I can honestly say that 85% of our house was furnished by IKEA.

Here's my favorite detail of this spot. Our first dance pic taken by my friend, Jace. I customized it by adding our vows on the otherwise empty screen on the left. Thank goodness for Snapfish! Got the frame from Bed Bath & Beyond ("but I dunno, I dunno if we'll have enough time!" 5 points for correctly naming the movie...)

Moving on over to Chuck's favorite part of our home... Our music nook! Doesn't it look like a music store in here?
This area was so empty when we first moved in. All that was there was our Waikiki mosaic on that back wall. It was a picture I took during our first trip to Hawaii together in 2007, atop Diamond Head... Best. View. Ever. Definitely one of those things to put on the Bucket List. Anyway, the mosaic is made up of old CD jewel cases held up on the wall by velcro. When I blew up the picture, I tiled the prints on several sheets of paper. Then I used the insert on the back of the CD case as a template guide to cut out my tiles. Pretty neat, huh? Man, I love the internet... Find the tutorial here.

Right next to the music nook is our "wa-wa-WEA-wall"! It's our little "Wall of Fame." No internet this time. This one was all us! Hey, I do have a few tricks up my sleeve still.
Basically, when we have get-togethers or when people come to visit, I take an instant picture of them and put it up on our wall. And the name? Think Borat... wa-wa-wee-wah... HA! We have the best last name ever.
So that was a small tour of what's decorating the Wea Hale (house in Hawaiian). I'm pooped... and so is Mushu!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For the love of Japanese Masking Tape

Because it seems to be going around in the blogs I follow and it makes me happy! I mean, really, with all the colors and endless creative uses... how could it NOT make me happy? And I may just be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with it as of late.

I want this... ALL of it! (Source)

How lovely is this? From Project Wedding

This makes me want to tape EVERYTHING. By Elizabeth Goodman at To Be Charmed

How cool would these be as escort cards for a wedding? The Sweet Bella booth display via The Haystack Needle
Awesome stuff from Nothing Elegant

So after seeing all these fantastic inspirations, I naturally had to expand my collection. I wish I could buy it all, but this will have to do for now.... It has done wonders for my art journaling!
 Here are some places you can go to get you some tape...

And here are some places you can go to get inspired (you'll probably recognize some of the pics):
iDiy: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Happy Tape's Blog
A Spoonful of Sugar

So go forth and happy crafting, everyone!! =)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

When you're inspired... just have to keep going! Quiet Nights Assignment 2: Blissful.

When I hear the word blissful, the first thing that comes to mind is quality time with my husband. Second thing that comes to mind is Hawaii, of course. So, inspired by my bliss, I give you:
Oahu, HI
Where we always
dream to be. We
are most content
here. There's
just no better
place. Here
with my love,
is where I am
the most...


First assignment from Polka Dot Robot's Quiet Nights art journal class: Escape. It was pretty appropriate for my first day not having a "real job." I'm pretty excited to keep up with these assignments. Wanna see what I did? Well, here you go:


To slip or get away, as from confinement or restraint; gain or regain liberty.
TODAY is the
first day since I
E • S • C • A • P • E • D
from a 9-5...
...oh, the possibilities...

 Here are some of the page details:
(I'm really into the flourishes right now, I guess. I got my Japanese masking tape from Ginko Papers, in case you were wondering.)
(I love this yellow and white bake's twine I had on hand. It went really well with my color scheme. And the paper airplane pattern on this scrapbook paper--LOVE! It came from Cosmo Cricket's The Boyfriend Collection.)
(It's amazing the amount of inspiration you can find in a magazine.)

So there you have it! This was so much fun and therapeutic! I'm actually late on starting the second assignment. Thankfully this is a go-at-your-own-pace class. My kind of class! Stay tuned for Assignment Two!