Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quiet Nights: 3 & 4

Man, I'm slacking on my art journaling! The class is already at day 9 of 15 and I've only done 4...But that's what makes Quiet Nights so great. I go at my own pace and I'm so inspired by the others in this class and their entries. Everyone is so creative...SO much stuff to be inspired with.

Day 3: Be Still My Heart
I didn't really know what to journal about this. Then I thought about when we first got our dog when he was a puppy. How he just took my heart and ran and never gave it back. Such a pansy, but we love him.
Mushu Wea
Be Still My Heart
How could you NOT love that face?

Day 4: Wishes
This image I found was perfect... I love how she's holding the world in her hands. And I left room to add to this list.
My Wish List
- To be living in HI
- More time with my father
- Quality time with my loves
- To be a mom
- Warmer days
- More craft time
- A real honeymoon

Today was the perfect day to journal. It's so crappy outside. But I had work to do. Oh well. There's plenty of time and plenty for me to catch up with!


  1. I fell harder for my puppy than I imagined I would too! Fighting the urge to hang her portrait on the wall...lest a be called a crazy dog lady :)

  2. i love journaling. so therapeutic. :)

  3. May all your wishes come true. Xx - Laynie


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