Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Four years.

Four years ago today, a girl said yes to a friendly lunch with a boy. 

The girl was going to actually meet the boy for the first time in person after a couple of months of exchanging messages on Myspace (what's Myspace?). The sort of nervous girl decided to ask her bestie and co-worker to go to this lunch with her (upon an "ok" with the boy that she come tag along).

Bestie and the girl got to the restaurant first and waited for the boy to arrive. When he did, the girl couldn't help but think how much cuter he was in person. Lunch was great, but the girl really didn't do that much talking on account that she was now really nervous about this cute boy (and not to mention that it was hard to talk with a mouthful of food!). The bestie was her buffer, asking the boy lots of questions about her beau (since the boy and the beau used to work together many many moons ago).

Lunch was over and the girl and bestie had to go back to work. Seeing as though it was St. Patrick's Day, the girl and the boy made plans to hang out that night.

And every day ever since...

I hear they even got married... Who knew?!


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