Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Center of Attention

Well at least for the center of the tables. I present to you... Our centerpieces!

Neat, huh? I got this idea from here. This website never ceases to inspire... Mrs. Green Tea, you're my heroine! Who knew tin cans, empty jars and some yarn could be so pretty??

So if you've got some tin cans that you're just going to recycle, recycle them to me! I need all the help I can get! Otherwise, I have A LOT of soup and canned food to eat...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Did someone say luau?

That's right, you heard it! It's luau time! But not just any luau—it's our Engagement Party luau!! WOO HOO!!! So here's how this all came about...

Chuck's got a friend from HI, Kamalu, that works for Orlando FD. Well Kamalu does luau catering and entertainment on the side. The dancers that he works with are in a competition in August and were needing the practice for it. Since we still don't know when we can set a date, we thought throwing an engagement party would be awesome! And to help a friend and fellow firefighter, we thought why not throw a luau? Hey any excuse for me to plan ANYTHING at this point since I've been itching to since we got engaged.

So where do we find a place that's going to hold an event like this that's going to be awesome but affordable enough not to put us in debt? Enter my awesome friend Katie and her venue researching prowess. She was the one who tuned me in to this:

The Winter park Farmers Market was surprisingly affordable for Winter Park! Not to mention it's such an awesome historical landmark. It was just right for our budget and what we need. Take a look:

This is the front steps where people will enter. On the day we took this pic, they were fixing the patio awning, as you can see by the dudes on the scaffolding... Chuck and I took a trip back there recently to experience the actual Farmers Market they have on Saturdays and the awning was fixed.

Inside view, front doors.

Inside view, opposite side. This is the area where the stage will be set up.

Isn't it pretty? I love that they already have rope string lights in the ceiling. =) It's going to be an awesome day. We signed the contract and paid the deposit the day we took these pictures. So it's officially on for July 17!

Invites have been sent! If you haven't gotten them, then you're probably like my one friend and haven't checked your mailbox in a while. So go because this will be waiting for you:

I found these cute "Little Weas" on iStock...what luck! All I had to do was change the color of their outfits and the hair on the boy—using an actual picture of Chuck as a guide. Heehee!

These were definitely a labor of love and I couldn't have done it all without help from Minh-Thi, Janice and my brother, Lawrence! Thank you all so much for helping me cut these little guys out!!

So yeah...23 days and counting! =)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Da Mens.

You've met my lovely bridesmaids, so it's only fair that I introduce... Da Mens, as Chuck has named them. We're both very blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends and family and these guys are no exception. They're all so awesome and Chuck couldn't have picked a better group to share our day with.

Zack is Chuck's younger brother and best friend. FSU Med Student by day, you can find him hitting the books (just look at that head! I mean, c'mon!) When he's not studying or getting ribbed about his head, he spends time with his girlfriend and her cute little boy, or you can catch him goofing around and rocking out at The 220.

Brent is Chuck's youngest brother.
He's currently attending Freedom High School. Although they're 12 years apart, they can always find things to share, whether it be music or fitness.

John and Chuck have known each other since the third grade. From that first "Hi, what's your name? Wanna be my friend?", they've been friends ever since. They have the same quirky humor and you can often find them cracking tons of their inside jokes from childhood. Not only are John and Chuck good friends, their families have also remained close all these years.

Robert or Bert Burt, as we all call him, is Chuck's good friend and former roommate. He's the owner of the infamous 220 where we've all gone to hang out and rock out. There's literally always a story to tell after you've been hanging out with Burt. We always say that a trip to the grocery store with this guy will usually turn into an adventure! And he sells high powered lasers. No, really...he does!

Christian is my younger brother. Chuck has affectionately named him "Banana Hands" because of his freakishly large hands and long fingers. He says shaking Chris' hand is like shaking a bushel of bananas. Christian's a big guy, but don't let that fool you... He's a big goofball! Chuck's always messing with him just to hear his squealing laugh. He's Mudder's biggest potato salad fan.

Rounding out da mens is my youngest brother, Lawrence. He's pretty much the genius of the family. Chuck's on a mission to get Lawrence to go with him to NYC in hopes of finding the Cash Cab and winning big! When he's not studying or involved in his numerous ASA extra-curriculars, you can catch him wakeboarding or Playing Guitar Hero.

So there you have it. Da mens. The ones that will be there to witness our big day along with my lovelies: Chuck's two brothers, two guys that might as well be Chuck's brothers and his two brothers-to-be. Just wait, it's gonna be a good time!