Tuesday, March 9, 2010

For the love of Japanese Masking Tape

Because it seems to be going around in the blogs I follow and it makes me happy! I mean, really, with all the colors and endless creative uses... how could it NOT make me happy? And I may just be a teeny tiny bit obsessed with it as of late.

I want this... ALL of it! (Source)

How lovely is this? From Project Wedding

This makes me want to tape EVERYTHING. By Elizabeth Goodman at To Be Charmed

How cool would these be as escort cards for a wedding? The Sweet Bella booth display via The Haystack Needle
Awesome stuff from Nothing Elegant

So after seeing all these fantastic inspirations, I naturally had to expand my collection. I wish I could buy it all, but this will have to do for now.... It has done wonders for my art journaling!
 Here are some places you can go to get you some tape...

And here are some places you can go to get inspired (you'll probably recognize some of the pics):
iDiy: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Happy Tape's Blog
A Spoonful of Sugar

So go forth and happy crafting, everyone!! =)


  1. ha! i was thinking about blogging about this, but you beat me to it. i LOVE it! i can't wait to get some for myself… maybe one day soon!

  2. oh i LOVE happy tape!! i just ordered a few rolls myself and can't wait to use them when i send out my giveaways...stop by my blog and check out my ruffle inspired giveaway!



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