Sunday, April 19, 2009

I proposed =)

To my bridesmaids, that is. And now that they have all received them (and said yes, btw =) ), I can finally blog about it!!

I was looking for creative ways to ask my girls to be my bridesmaids. Then I found this post by Miss Apple Cider on Weddingbee, of course. I absolutely loved the idea of proposing to my bridesmaids, but I decided to add my own flair to it.

So where do I find Ring Pops? I hadn't had one in so long that I didn't even know where to start. Chuck and I were at dinner at Cracker Barrel one night and I told him about my plan to "propose" to my girls. (In true guy fashion, he's just going to simply ask his groomsmen). I told him that I needed Ring Pops, but where should I begin to look? When we finished dinner, we were at the cashier when Chuck says, "Hey look! They have Ring Pops here!" SCORE! :) Now to find the perfect presentation.

I needed just the right box so I perused through The Container Store and found these Shantung Gift Boxes. I purchased the 4-inch square boxes, 5 in gold and 1 in red. They were here in 4 days, to my amazement. I highly recommend ordering from them. They have awesome stuff!!

I wanted the perfect note to go along with my plan, so I made up a poem for my bridesmaids and maid of honor. Then off to Michael's (dangerous!) for pretty paper. I created the notes in those 4 days that I was waiting for the boxes. I also picked up 2 long styrofoam bricks from the floral arrangement aisle. I cut them to fit the boxes and place the pops on. It was cheaper to buy the 2 bricks and cut them than to buy the already cut pieces to fit. It's amazing what you can find at Michael's!

So assembly line time! I had already created, printed and assembled the notes prior to the boxes arriving. They turned out great, don't you think?

One disappointment in all of these were the Ring Pops. I opened them to find that some of them were sticky. Ew. Stupid Florida humidity is probably to blame. So to avoid the pops getting stuck to the paper when I placed them in the boxes (not to mention keep it sanitary--and I used gloves to handle them all, btw), I wrapped each gem with a small square of plastic wrap. I also found that little styrofoam flecks were getting everywhere after I cut them, so I wrapped each styro block in saran wrap too! Ah-like so...

There's a small bed of raffia under the styro block to give it some height. Then I placed the corresponding notes on top of the pops, placed the cover and wrapped each box with a pretty raffia ribbon. I also made little tags for them.

And here they all are, ready to be given away!

Aren't they pretty? The girls loved them and I am so happy they all said yes. Thank you, gals!

I'll introduce you all to my lovely ladies in my next post! =)


  1. yes! i LOVED it!... great jorb :)

  2. WoW!!! Way creative!!! And unique! Where were you when I was planning my wedding? ;)

  3. Awww! You're getting married! So happy for you :)


  4. Such an awesome idea! You're so creative! Love these!

  5. Very cute! I also proposed to my bridesmaids using a ring pop :) Just found your blog...and how funny I also live in Orlando :)


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