Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Backtracking: Part 2 - Who to tell?

Picking up from where I left off...

Obviously, I had to tell Katie. I told Chuck about how she guessed and I think this was the point when we decided to let our entire wedding party know what we were planning. Which made it easier for me--now I had people that I could discuss things with and help me plan.

I have to share with you all how incredible God is, because He seriously had a hand in EVERYTHING in my planning process. Once the ball got rolling from Katie, it seemed like everyone we decided to tell became an integral part of my planning.

Case in point...

Chuck decided to tell his friend and old roommate, Stephen. Stephen just happens to know any and everything that has to do with A/V and sound and production. So he agreed to lend us his skills and be our DJ.

Aren't they presh? =)

Stephen is dating awesome Jennifer #1. [There's more than one Jennifer in our story, obviously.] Jen is an events coordinator and she happily agreed to be my wedding coordinator. She was AWESOME throughout this whole process--just what I needed.

Gotta love how God works. And He's not done yet.

Next up... Catering this shindig.

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