Friday, January 1, 2010

2009 recap.

In 2009:

 we went to Hawaii in March.
We were there for 2 wonderful (not long enough) weeks for Chuck's City & County of Honolulu FD physical agility test. He passed both parts of the test and is now on the hiring list, which is good for 2 years. We haven't given up hope on HI!!! While we were there...

we met The Morgans.
Actually, I virtually met Jana when I was researching Hawaii photographers. Come to find out that she and her husband, David, used to live in Orlando. We hung out with them a few times during our trip and they are two of the most genuinely nice people you will ever meet! And...

Jana took our amazing engagement pics.
We went to Hawaii not really expecting much, and we left with feelings of hope and gratitude for new opportunities and new friends.

we sent out engagement party invitations in July.

we planned a luau engagement party with the works: authentic food and entertainment. But before all of that took place...

we surprised our party guests and got married!
Yep! We pulled it off! We couldn't have done it without the help of our friends--we are extremely blessed.

we both turned the big three-oh. =)
It felt awesome to celebrate our 30th birthdays as newlyweds. There will be plenty of birthdays to come.

I got a new Macbook Pro...
And with it, more freelance design work!

...a new ride and...
His name is Russell, like the little Asian boy in the movie, Up!

we moved into our first place together and celebrated our first Christmas as a married couple!

2009 has been a very eventful year for us. And I'm amazed and humbled by how much God worked His hand in our life this past year. So with Him by our side, I say...

BRING ON 2010!!!!

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