Tuesday, July 27, 2010

JFC - Dia numero Dos

It's Day 2 of my journaling journey. Today's prompt: What are your journal goals?

My Journal Goals
1. Be Consistent: Journal daily
2. Be Honest: Especially to yourself!
3. Make New Friends: Always encourage others
4. Have Fun: Get those creative juices goin'!

I decided to use a spot color to highlight. I picked up this set of chalk markers that were on sale a while back from Michael's. I haven't had the chance to actually use them, so I thought I'd give them a shot. I like the finish that it leaves...it really does look like chalk! You'll probably be seeing a lot more of these markers in my journal entries.

I thought about today's prompt for a while. I didn't know how to go about illustrating it for myself, then I realized that these upcoming journaling for 30 days is going to be more of a journey for me. So I've set up my goals as a map to guide me, with "X" marking the spot to the treasure, which is what I'm going to have in this journal. I can look back on this journal years down the road, even share it with my children. So here's to sticking to the goals that I've set out for me. How about you? What goals have you set out for your journal?


  1. I mentioned this on Flickr, but I still can't get over how I was thinking along the same lines this morning! I really love the execution of the treasure map. The bold red really makes an impact, wonderful!

  2. i loooove your journal page. you have the loveliest handwriting!!


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