Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirty Days of Me - Day 2

Day 2: The Meaning of Your Blog Name

I credit our blog name to my clever husband! Last year, fresh after our engagement, I told him that I'd like to start a blog, but I didn't have a name picked out. I wanted this blog to be a great way for our friends and family to know what's going on with us and (at the time) our wedding non-planning. Even though I we weren't married then, we'd already dubbed ourselves "The Weas," since W-E-A are the first 3 letters of (my soon-to-be) our last name. So he, being the witty man that I love so much, came up with Two Weas in a Pod. Right on the spot! So here "Wea" are, over a year later!

What about you? What's the meaning behind your blog name? =)

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