Monday, October 4, 2010

Sometimes God's "no" is better than our "yes"

It's that time of the year. As I did last year, I kept reliving the days before and after my father passed away. It still feels surreal that he isn't here.

I was in Savannah a few weekends ago, with one of my best friends, to visit our other best friend, her hubby and their sweet little baby girl. It was a weekend that I really needed. And on Sunday, before the car ride back home, we gathered in their living room to watch Northland Church's live stream of that day's worship service.

Dr. Joel Hunter was the speaker and if you've never heard him before, let me tell you that he is amazing. He and his family were experiencing the recent loss of his granddaughter, Ava, to an extremely rare brain cancer.

I'm a firm believer in how God comes through at the right moment. And he came through in the form of Dr. Hunter's talk. God knew that I needed to hear what He had to say, that I've been really missing my father, and feeling the pain fresh today as it was two years ago. Through Dr. Hunter, HE spoke these words:
"There's never a time when the pain gets any less. Because for the pain and sorrow to get less, it would somehow diminish or dismiss the value of the person...almost as if it would make you forget a part of what you had with them; forget part of the contribution they had to your life. The pain doesn't get any less, but you get bigger around it. Your life gets bigger, and deeper, and better because of it."
 As I sat there on the floor of my friends' living room, I felt a peace and a comfort that evaded me for a while. It comforted me to be reminded that God always answers our prayers. That sometimes God's "no" is better than our "yes."

I miss you, dad. I know that you're alright and that I'll see you again someday. I love you with all my heart.


  1. i love this SO much! I am certain it was God's strategic plan to put us all in our living room at that exact moment to hear those memorable words of wisdom. I'm so glad it touched you and I know you will be with your dad again one day… I love you :)

  2. Your dad was a wonderful man, always smiling, laughing and telling jokes. I see many of your dad's qualities in you Hazel. Your dad lives forever, in you and your family.

  3. Aw, thanks, K! And Kuya Jeff! I love you guys! ♥


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