Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The happiest of first birthdays.

Isn't she THE CUTEST little owl you've ever seen?! I love her to pieces. She's my bestie's little girl and she turned one this past Saturday. And like I said in this post, it's pretty much a given that her birthday is going to be costume required, being it's the day before Halloween. For her first birthday, her crafty and talented mama came up with a forest friends themed birthday. Just seeing the invitation alone, you know it was bound to be a wonderfully amazing birthday:
Handmade by my friend, her equally amazing husband illustrated each little forest friend and they carried out the theme throughout the party. Check out the sweets table!
I love that we had to dress up as our favorite forest friend. To go along with cutie pie owl, mommy dressed up as a tree, while daddy was Max from Where the Wild Things Are. And I dressed up as... Russell from Up!
Here are some more shots of the day.
God bless you, little Amelie Faith! Auntie Hazel and Uncle Chuck love you!!

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  1. i just so happen to LOVE this post! we love you. amelie LOVES you. she is ridiculously cute in the wings you made for her! thank you for this lovely post :)


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