Monday, September 26, 2011


Sorry I've been so completely MIA from the blog. It's been 2 weeks since I last updated! I've just been soaking it all up here in Oahu. Still hard to believe that we're here for good and not just visiting! Here are a few highlights from the past two weeks
Moosh on his new bed. We figured we owed him one. He's actually been adjusting well here--much better than anticipated! Something about the Hawaiian air brings out the explorer in him.
The hubs got some late birthday Pittsburgh goodies from our brother- and sister-in-law. Pretty awesome!
Seriously. He's exploring at the dog park and even playing with other dogs. It's like he's a completely different dog!
Russell made it through his long boat ride. He even got here ahead of schedule! He may have new Hawaii plates, but I'm still rocking my Orlando Magic license plate cover. hehe

That's it for now... thanks for continuing to keep up with us. "Wea" are blessed to have you here! Mahalo!

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