Monday, October 10, 2011

Ten on Ten

I stumbled upon the Ten on Ten Project yesterday from the blog, A Bit of Sunshine, just in time for today--October 10! What a wonderful way to celebrate a day. It just so happened that my husband was off from work today. Here's how our day went.
[Greeted by a rainbow this morning.]

[Getting inspired while having my morning coffee.]

[Took the dog with us to check out our future neighborhood.]

[Our future neighborhood is a flyover. The pup was not a fan.]

[But it does have a dog park with beach access. He enjoyed his first time at the beach!]

[Refueled at BK.]

[Made our way from the leeward to the windward side of the island. Hello, Kailua Beach.]

[Feeties in the sand.]

[Driving home up Kalanianaole Hwy.]

[Blessed to have lived through another beautiful day.]

Happy Ten on Ten, friends!


  1. What a beautiful place to live! Great pics! :)

  2. oh...I miss Hawaii! Lived there for 5 years. Didn't want to leave. You make me want to go back!!! :)

  3. I will be in Hawaii in 11 days and cannot wait!!! I hope I am greeted with rainbows!!

  4. i so love hawaii! and your photos are making me want to go there again!


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