Sunday, March 11, 2012

Zipping by...

Man. I really am the ultimate slacker. I haven't updated since CHRISTMAS?! And it's MARCH! I guess the island life is really rubbing off on me. I stay on island time!

Here's a what I you've missed in my absence from the blog:
Our first Hawaiian Christmas was spent with family, which really helped since it was our first holiday away from all our loved ones. I got to experience a beautiful Christmas sunrise and we were gifted with a rainbow.

For New Year's Eve, we didn't even go very far--just to the beach that is in our neighborhood. We celebrated with the hubs' cousin and her bf. From our beach, we saw fireworks from Hickam AFB, and downtown Honolulu across from Pearl Harbor.

In January, we went with our friends to go see Sir Elton John at the Blaisdell Center. I don't care who you are... Elton John is THE MAN! He played for 2 hours straight. Amazeballs.

You're all almost caught up. I have one more update, but that requires its own post.

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