Sunday, April 29, 2012

Into the Fire [Academy]

It's finally here! The hubs finished his first week of training. He will be the first to tell you that It's not going to be an easy seven (yes, SEVEN) months. It's a grueling 28 weeks broken up into EMT and then Fire training. The class is large enough that they have to split, one half does EMT first, the other Fire and they switch midway through.

The hubs knew that this would be different from the Central Florida Fire Academy that he attended years ago, but neither one of us was prepared for just how drastically different HFD conducts their training. 

HFD definitely runs a tight ship. There's only one rule: Do what you're told to do. It's like my husband signed up for the Army. He's got to come in every day clean shaven, his head shaved, boots shiny, and address his recruit training officers (RTOs) properly. They have to do physical trainig (PT) three times a week which is on top of the drills they do during the Fire side of the training. PT consists of doing as many sit ups you can in one minute, followed by as many pull ups in one minute, push-ups in one minute, a mile and a half run, and Crossfit. All under the midday sun. Oh. My. God.

HFD doesn't play. But it's definitely a good way of weeding out those that don't really want it.

Here's my hubs, ready for his first day. It's going be an interesting and eventful seven months. November 16, here Wea come!

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