Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I got some blog love!

I couldn't go to sleep last night so I was online reading blogs in my google reader. And LOOK!! I got awesome blog love from Mrs. Green Tea, the lovely lady genius whose original idea paved the way for my centerpieces. She rocks my socks! I can't wait to take pics of or table set ups! I also made thread tealights--which was what originally led Mrs. GT to creating the thread centerpieces. Who's got 2 thumbs and is super excited?


So it's 10 days and counting until our big luau! I can't wait!!!


  1. Hazel-
    All your stuff is great! I can't wait to see pics of the final outcome all together!!

  2. Those centerpieces are so unique!! Can't wait for the party myself?! If this is just for the Engagement Party - what about the actual wedding?! =D


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