Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playing Catch-up

Man, I've been slacking on my journaling and posting! (There went goal #1...) But thankfully I have caught up. I left off at day 3 and it's now day 14 (!) of the challenge, so I won't bombard this post with all of my missing journal pages. You can check them out on my flickr set. I'll leave you with 3 of my favorites.

Day 4: What does happiness mean to you?

Day 7: Today I am thankful for...

Day 13: Childhood Dreams

Please go and check out the rest of my entries on flickr. I'd love to hear what you think! =)


  1. I've been slacking too, but in all honesty, have had too many obligations to enjoy blogging...I love this post though...

    For me, happiness = life, inner peace & unconditional love.

    Hope :)

  2. Loove your pages. Love your typograhy! It's all so pretty and unique. :D

    Me tooo...i've been behind indeed. Not slacking though..just busy. :)

    Happy day!


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