Monday, September 20, 2010

Thirty Days of Me - Day 18

Day 18: Plans/dreams/goals you have

This post is a couple of days late. Sigh...

My Plans:
- Finish my Thirty Days of me, sidetracks and all!
- FINALLY fold and put away my daunting pile of clean laundry!
- Clean my house to get it ready for my guests that are coming in a few weeks.
- Keep up with going to the gym again.

My Dreams:
- Living it up in Hawaii with the hubby and raising our ohana.
- Be a successful freelancer so I can provide for said ohana.
- Have a successful Etsy shop.
- Be healthier.

My Goals:
- Save money.
- Lose some weight.
- Again, just be healthier, so I can enjoy life more.

What are your plans/dreams/goals?

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