Thursday, December 2, 2010

Envelopes to Keep our Cards Warm.

WHOA. It's December 2?! Where did this year go?? My gosh... I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I've been posting few and far between lately due to lots of client work, which I thank the Lord every day for! I've also been busy crafting Christmas presents and creating our Christmas card (which I'll share with you all as soon as they come in on Monday!)

While I wait for those, I've been diligently making envelopes for them. It's amazing what you can do with grocery store paper bags (Shopping IS a pleasure at Publix, BTW!) and an Envelope Template (one of the best purchases EVER). Add some double sided tape and a few TV shows later, I now have these:
Neat, huh? I love them. And I love that I'm being green AND thrifty. Win! I also made the labels. It's my actual handwritten type. I drew it up, scanned it an turned it into a vector in Illustrator. I Printed those up, cut 'em and turned them into sticky labels with my handy dandy sticker maker (another one of the best purchases EVER), which you may remember from this post.
I'm seriously considering turning this into a font.

I can't wait to fill these babies up and send them out! I'm so excited. I love Christmastime! =)


  1. cute!! i'm a sucker for all things made of kraft paper!

  2. Oh, me too!! Kraft paper forever. =)


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