Thursday, December 9, 2010

Merry and Bright.

They came upon a Monday evening... and I couldn't be happier with them! Presenting the Wea Christmas card 2010 edition. These are either on their way to recipients or they've already arrived, depending on how far they are from us.

I used GotPrint for our cards. My bestie tuned me into it. I also used them for my brother and future sis-in-law's Save the Dates. I'm very happy with the result for both jobs. The only problem I have now is that they sent me twice as much as I ordered for our Christmas cards! At first I thought I messed up the order, but I double checked my quantity and I definitely only ordered a 100 and got TWO hundred. A definite oversight on their part, because I only paid for 100... So, who wants a Wea Christmas card?

No, seriously... Who wants one?

I'll be more than glad to send one to you! Message me your address! My email address is over there in my About section. Just think of it as me sending you some holiday cheer! =)


  1. Thank you for our awesome Christmas card!!! We love it. Thank you for thinking of us and don't you worry... you'll get something from The Flo's very soon. Merry Christmas Friends!

  2. awesome! can i have one too? ;)


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