Monday, June 27, 2011

The Farewell Tour Continues.

This past week, I got to spend time with some very awesome people. The first half was spent with the hubs' cousins. That I was meeting them for the first time was just icing. I love them! They're adorable!
These pics were taken at Downtown Disney Marketplace. Ethan (above in the red) was in heaven! I loved watching his eyes light up as he took picture after picture next to all the different statues. He's a sweetheart. He even made this adorable video for the hubs.
I'm sad I couldn't spend more time with them, but I had to fly up to North Carolina to visit one of my lovely friends and her little family. And meet this new love of mine...
GAH!! I love her. She's my friend's insanely cute baby girl. I could not stop taking pictures of her. I did find some time to take other pictures, but not much. ;-) Here are some of my faves:
It was definitely a trip that went by way too quickly. It was so hard saying farewell to these wonderful faces! The move hadn't fully hit me until now. It's starting... Sigh.
Someone was mad at me when I got home... but I know he was relieved. But his relief is short-lived. I leave again in three weeks—I get to visit my hubs soon!

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