Sunday, July 3, 2011

Let's get "Elevated"!

Get your minds out of the gutter... I'm not trying to convince you to get "high" like that...I'm asking you to join me on a creative high! Come take this challenge with me. It's called "Elevated Envelopes" and it's from Tara over at Ephemera.

What are Elevated Envelopes, you ask? (From Tara's post):
"Wouldn’t it be fun to be pen pals with incredibly creative, talented, smart strangers? That’s The Elevated Envelope in a nutshell. There will be a theme (SUMMERTIME), and you will plan and design a creatively-addressed envelope that embodies that theme to you.  Then you execute it 10-ish times for the people on your list, put something fun inside explaining your concept, and mail it out by the deadline. Those same 10-ish people will send their creations to you as well.  Cool!"
More often than not, I get in a creative rut. I'm really excited to participate in this project. It's like enrolling in a mini art class! So if you love getting creative and receiving pretty snail mail like I do, head on over and sign up by leaving a comment on this post. The deadline to sign up is this coming Friday, July 8. All the details are on there. Hope you'll join me! Maybe we can end up on the same list! 

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