Monday, August 8, 2011

Anniversary Recap: Hawaii Day 8

Day 8 came and went. It was a day to catch up on work I needed to do while hubs was at work.  That night, we went to see one of our favorite bands, Go Jimmy Go. Funny because we've seen them twice before during each of my other two visits to Hawaii. It was a great way to keep up the tradition. We got to Chinatown too early, so we decided to wander into this little martini bar called BambuTwo. It may just be our new watering hole! Drinks were affordable (my martini was $6! I can't even find a martini that price here in FL!) and our server was super friendly! It just had a great vibe to it.
[yummy lychee martini for me, PBR for hubby]

[Go Jimmy Go performing "Bang the Skillet]

GJG played at SoHo, just around the corner from the martini bar. We would have stayed for more than four songs had they come on earlier--island time, I guess! But what we saw we enjoyed. Good night overall. It was great to spend a quality night out with the hubs and find a new fave place in a new town.

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