Thursday, August 4, 2011

Anniversary Recap: Hawaii Day 7

For Day 7, I got to visit hubby's work. I got there on a simulation training day and there was a pretty big class of soldiers that had to go through. Pretty crazy. There are two rooms, each with four simulation dummies in different stages of injuries. One of them even simulated breathing and bleeding... So creepy! The soldiers go in pairs and they have to crawl around in the dark, smoke filled room and find the dummies (aka injured soldiers) and assess and treat them. There are sirens and strobe lights going on. It's pretty crazy! I could only take one set of soldiers before I was done.
Here's hubs with a (fake) bloody limb. I'd share the other pictures, but they're like a scene from Halloween Horror Nights at Universal! After I saw one test done, I went outside. There was better scenery out there.
There was also a team of flight medics training alongside the other soldiers. I got up close to this big guy. It's totally one of the coolest things I've ever seen! I geeked out... see?

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