Monday, August 1, 2011

Anniversary recap: Hawaii Days 5-6

Day 5 was filled with more surfing! Well more attempts at surfing, I should say. We went on down to Waikiki again and since we had an extra board, the hubs' cousin came along, too! She's been living there for three years now and no one had yet to take her surfing before we did! Can you believe it?! (So I wish I had pics for you guys, but I am an ├╝ber slacker and haven't gotten our underwater camera developed yet.)

Later on that day, the hubby and I changed our phone numbers. It's official! We have 808 numbers! So surreal... Only one of us was available for a phone upgrade, so the hubby was awesome enough to let me have it. So I got myself an iPhone 4--and I love it! It's so pretty!

Day 6 was the first day I was on my own. Hubby had to get back to work, hitching a ride with his co-worker, leaving me with the truck to see if I could get around on my own. Did I mention that it was the first time I was driving around in HI by myself? EVER? Yep.
We live here in Kalihi Valley. I love that Google says we live in the woods! ahaha So how did my drive go? Well... yep. I got lost. Got on the freeway and got lost. Thank goodness for maps on my new phone! I managed to turn myself around and get to our storage unit and Ala Moana Mall. I think I'm intimidated by driving around because I can't pronounce half the streets! But I am determined to get it, Dang it! Just like I'm determined to catch a wave!

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