Thursday, August 11, 2011

Happy Snail Mail

I finished and sent out my Elevated Envelopes last week. In all the hustle of moving our lives, it was a great change of pace to slow down and do something creative. Luckily, I still have a few craft supplies left that I just couldn't bear to give away. Yes, I gave away nearly ALL of my craft goodies. I almost pretty much cried. I'm just glad they went to loving homes aka my crafty sis-in-law and equally crafty friend, Jenny. But I figured if my hubs can sacrifice and give away ALL of his tools because of the big move (if you know my hubs, you know this is a big deal), then I can sacrifice my craft stash. But I digress...
Back to the envelopes. The theme was "Summer" and I got inspired by the summer I'm having now. I've kept referring to it as my "Epic Summer" because, well, it is and has been an epic one. I created the envelopes from a pad of travel themed scrapbook paper I had on hand. Inside each envelope was a note card, made from the same pad, and a post card that I purchased during my HI trip.

The whole project was a tribute to our summer journey from FL to HI. The hubs is flying back in a few weeks: 1.) for our friends' wedding, and 2.) so that we can take off on a cross-country road trip to CA and fly out to HI from there. Phew! Did you get all that?
 [A peek at the one I sent to Tara, the creator of the Elevated Envelopes Project]
[I used the new LOVE stamps. If you don't have them, RUN to your nearest post office. Seriously. They're so pretty!]
I'm hoping these all reached their intended destinations safely. (If you're one of the recipients and you're reading this right now, let me know!) I used our PO Box address in HI for these, so I won't get to see all my envelopes until I'm there finally. But I'm looking at it as a great welcome present waiting for me to get home. I can't wait!

Did you participate in Elevated Envelopes, too? I'd love to see what you sent out!


  1. Thanks so much for participating! Yours was one of the cooler ones I've received so far. Not that anyone's keeping track... :) I hope you have a relaxing and safe journey to Hawaii! Almost 10 years ago, my husband and I ventured out from TX to Seattle for a new life, and it was the best road trip ever. And Seattle's been great - but I guess it's no Hawaii :) I will definitely look you up if I ever make it out there!

  2. These are so sweet! Best of luck on your upcoming move, it's never fun to get rid of things, especially cute crafty things! Xo, Katie

  3. ummm… i am a COMPLETE slacker and haven't even started mine yet. (sorry, Tara!!) Gotta get inspired seriously asap. Yours look great! :)

  4. wow!! i most definitely love snail mail :) thanks for sharing.

    ps love melon too! oh and sago! hee hee


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