Wednesday, August 31, 2011

One Step Closer

Guess who's clear to fly out next Saturday?? Yep. This big guy right here. I've been making sure that I've followed all of the proper steps to ensure that everything goes as planned to have him released to us from the airport when we land. Between calling the airline to ask all of my questions, to calling the Quarantine Center to make sure they got all of our paperwork--I've been borderline completely neurotic about it! The flight will be traumatic enough for him (AND ME!), that I want to make sure he absolutely does NOT go into quarantine. Got his health certificate today, and minus the slight wax build-up in his left ear that I have to monitor, he's a-ok! PHEW!

I got his crate in last week. He still remembered his crate training from when he was a pup and promptly goes in there when I tell him to "get in his bed." That made me feel a bit better. I'll still be a bundle of nerves the day we fly out--probably up until we finally land and he gets released to us!

And in 2 days...
I get to pick this hottie up from the airport! Wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I mean, Weaaaaaaaa!! hahaha. SO STINKEN' EXCITED!!


  1. yay! glad to hear everything worked out and yay (again) for your "hottie" coming home! LOL

  2. your dog is so adorable! glad to hear everything's good and you'll be able to pick up your "hottie" haha

  3. I hope everything goes well.. Dog is so cute!


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