Friday, September 9, 2011

Trip Out West. Day Five.

Day five is now done. Today we left our friends' place in Riverside and ventured off to Long Beach to drop our car off. But before we dropped it off, we had to get a rental. We ended up getting a Ford Edge--the same car that one of my best friends drives. Not as tricked out, but the same color. So made me think of her.
Before we could drop off our car, the shipping company required us to have it delivered to them cleaned--inside and out. We basically had to drop it off a brand new car to them, since we couldn't even place a shipping box or anything inside. Four days' worth of road grime and bug guts is not pretty, so we couldn't just take it to a drive-thru wash at the gas station. After a slight runaround with a non-existent car wash place that I plugged into my phone, I Googled and found another place not too far from where we stopped. [What did we ever do without smart phones?]
Here I am saying goodbye to Russell (named after the cutie pie little kid from Up). They said he'll be in Honolulu on Sept. 27 at the latest. Crazy!
We're now staying at a motel right down the street from the airport. We've got a huge day ahead of us tomorrow--especially Mushu! We're unwinding and my husband even made himself some new friends...
...on my toes. Gotta love him. Good night, friends!

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  1. This is so exciting. Can't wait for you guys to make it to Hawaii!!!


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