Thursday, September 8, 2011

Trip Out West. Day Four.

Day four finally came and went. We drove through Arizona all day. It's so dry out there, but I must say that the scenery was way better than Texas.
Lots of rocks, boulders, shrubs... and no grass! And we found out today that our dog will not go to the bathroom on anything BUT grass. Yeah. He'll pee, but the other business, forget it! So holding it for hours in the car must not have been fun. But he did it. Poor thing.
We passed tons of interesting sites. There are lots of abandoned roadside places in AZ. (I'm fascinated by abandoned places!)
Right after this picture was taken, we had to get routed off of I-10 because of a gnarly crash. Police closed off part of the westbound because of this jack-knifed semi. Crazy!
I'm just happy we weren't anywhere near it when it happened! Thankfully this was the only thing that slowed us down today. Three hours later, we made it to the California state line.
We made it to Riverside. The hubs has a friend that he's known since 3rd grade living here and we are so grateful that he's opened his doors to us and our dog. It works out so well. We haven't seen he and his girlfriend since our Cali anniversary trip last year. It's great to be unwinding amongst people you know.
There's even a small grassy area across the street from their house. Mushu FINALLY did his business and even got to run around off-leash.
See? He's pooped!

Tomorrow is a brand new day. Stay tuned! Good night, friends!

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