Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Trip Out West. Day Two.

Day two of our cross-country trip. We had a long day of driving ahead, so we wanted to leave a lot earlier than the previous day. We left Baton Rouge at about 7am, heading to our day 2 stop of Ozona, TX.
We rolled through Houston...
...and San Antonio. (Wish we could have stopped at the Alamo) The scenery after SA was so boring, until we finally got to some hills.
The drive went pretty well today. Poor Mushu, though. He's still all kinds of confused. He was tuckered out and cramped in the back seat all day.
After a slight hiccup of passing our exit and having to backtrack 6 miles (thanks a lot, Google Maps app), we arrived at our destination for tonight--a [not so] Super 8 in the Middle of Nowhere, TX. And since it's basically a truck stop, the hubs thought it would be a stellar idea to commemorate the occasion:
...by keepin' it gangsta and drinkin' some 40s--from paper bags, no less! Haha!

PS: My husband is a BEAST! He has been driving this entire time! I keep offering to switch off with him, but he says he's cool. I love that man.

Good night, lovelies!

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  1. Way to roll sojourners! Theres some really cool stuff coming next, then some really boring stretches before you hit lala land, ive driven it a few times. Once put my hands out of the sunroof and drove for about an hour with my knees in the bonneville salt flats. Made it from Chicago to Santa Barbara in 38 hours straight through - dumb college move but really wanted to get to the SB beauty. Try this game for an hour, my wife and I play it. You say any geographic place, city, state or country. Say...houston. Other player gets an "n" since houston ends in "n". You name another place beginning in n, say "Nantucket", then "Tobago" "orlo vista" "antigua"atascatero" "omeromergau" "uruguay" "yipsilanti" etc until someone cant think of a place in 5 minutes. You cant repeat a place so you tend to run out of "a" and "o " places. Have fun kids, be goofy. Todd and Gina


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